I am a firm believer in Canadian television for Canadian viewers.  Imagine my disappointment with the offerings for the 2007-08 season and with the powers that be.  Do we really need more reality TV and game shows?  Yet again, Canadian networks are pulling promising shows off the air before they’ve had a chance to go anywhere.  

There were, in my mind, two exceptions:  The Tudors and Blood Ties.  The Tudors, suported by and airing on CBC, is a lavish drama set around Henry VIII.  Great period piece although I do quibble with the licence taken with historical fact.  Henry’s sisters were combined into one character who died off before she had children.  Without both Margaret and Mary how can one explain Mary, Queen of Scots or Lady Jane Grey?  But I digress.

Blood Ties, aired on CityTV and rerun on Space, is based on Canadian author Blood Ties PromoTanya Huff’s series of books featuring Henry Fitzroy, vampire and illegitimate son of Henry VIII (you knew there had to be a tie in here, right?), Vicki Nelson, ex-cop turned P.I., and Vicki’s former partner at work and play, Mike Celluci.

I could go on with all the reasons why I love this show, and it isn’t simply because it is based on a Canadian book, set in Canada, shot and produced in Canada, featuring Canadian talent.  (I feel like we’re about to appear in a Molson Canadian beer ad here.  Who wants to say ‘I AM Canadian’?)  Luckily someone else has already expressed my thoughts and in a much more succint form than I ever could.  So, to see why I love this show and you should too head on over to Bring Blood Ties Back to Life « Skiffy.ca.

Unfortunately, as is the fate of many great Canadian TV shows, Blood Ties is at risk of not coming back for a second season.  While the Canadian production company and the actors are ready to go, and Canadian networks are interested, Blood Ties needs a foreign investor with some mula to get a second season off the ground.

Blood Ties doesn’t just have fans, it has an ever growing and expanding fan base that has spread by word of mouth ever since the final episode aired early in 2008.  (I use the word ‘aired’ loosely since Lifetime in the U.S. refused to actually air the final 2 episodes instead posting them online.)  The organizers of JumpCon, a newer entry into the sci-fi convention experience, heard about the passion of Blood Ties fans and decided to take a chance in booking Kyle Schmid (Henry Fitzroy) and Dylan Neal (Mike Celluci).  Within 4 days of both guests being confirmed, meals with Kyle Schmid had already sold out suprising even the convention organizers.

This show has momentum, a dedicated and growing fan base, and great story potential.  Come on TV execs, let’s start thinking outside the reality TV box.  Curious as to how you can help out?  Read the article I’ve linked to above and at the bottom you’ll find the necessary information.  This one is too good to let go the way of the dodo.