I’ve heard back from a Blood Ties fan who contacted CTV about the renewal of the series.  Here is the response from CTV:

Hello _____,
Thank you for your feedback. Your message has been forwarded on to SPACE.
Thank you.


Now, what is interesting about this response is that CTV Globe Media owns Space.  CTV is the parent company with the money and the final decision-making abilities.  I don’t, however, take this as a bad sign. 

I consider it a good idea to remind the parent company with the deep pockets that Blood Ties is a show in demand.  They need to know what a goldmine they have.  If the powers that be at the parent company are flooded with requests for the show they’ll have to wonder what is going on.

You might want to remind them of a few things:

  • The ever-growing fan base which grows due to word of mouth and the broadcasting of Blood Ties on networks like the UK’s Virgin (i.e. more viewers = a better financial investment)
  • Blood Ties has been nominated for various awards including 2 Constellation Awards (one for Christina Cox for her work in ‘5:55’ and one for Tanya Huff for her contribution to TV or film in 2007)
  • Director David Winning just won 2 awards at the Houston Film Festival in Texas and a Special Jury Award for his work on Blood Ties and he’s about to be recognized again at this year’s Big Island Film Festival in Hawaii.

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